Message from Chairman

“TIMING is something that we should be concerned about because it will be running out and is unchangeable. We, therefore, should do the right thing, at the right time, and catch up the right opportunity”.

“WAITING is the excuse and does not exist in my Diary”. We believe in hard work with commitment and discipline, and KCC will continue to do so.

Som Mithonarath

General Managing Director and Chairman

Client’s problem is our opportunity. Problems are considered challenges, and finding the best solution is the goal. Our existence is therefore to efficiently and effectively safeguarding our clients legitimate interests and ambitions.

After decades of war in Cambodia many educated people and professionals including Cambodian engineers and experts were killed which placed very heavy burden on my generation who have survived the genocidal regimes, persistency struggled to overcome. To establish a collective of educated human resource with professional was a very difficult task in the 20th century. But through all hard works with patience, a group of oversea graduated professional engineers and experts were united, working initially in early 1990s in an international NGO for the emergency rehabilitation of infrastructure, particularly in the Water and Sanitation Sector and continuously developing throughout the time until the NGO completed its mission in Cambodia in 1999.

During Cambodia’s initial drive towards social and economic development, multi-national consulting companies played important roles in this context and rapidly expanded their businesses in the country. However, it was too early for Cambodian engineers to play any significant roles. However, with a strong belief in hard work of Cambodia engineers and their competitiveness at the national level, Key Consultants (Cambodia) Ltd. was founded officially in 2003.

With just a few old colleagues and a small number of staffs, the Company initially delivered services related to water, sanitation and environment. It later expanded into a multidisciplinary consultancy with numerous staff and clients.

Due to integration of all fields of expertise, we are prompt to provide services in related businesses. With advanced technologies and innovations, our services are recognized by many leading organizations in Cambodia and overseas.

Key Consultants (Cambodia) Ltd. (KCC) is above all about expertise and a team spirit focusing on customer satisfaction and career development for our candidates. KCC is a trusted name for delivering engineering excellence in the field of infrastructure development.

We are continuously striving hard to make our staffs feel “Proud to be a Consultants of KCC”. Having worked for hundreds of projects, we are now much more confident and a much stronger group of experts than ever before. We are delivering smart solutions for our clients and providing the innovation and insight that comes from a proud legacy of our history.

We seek to further and promote collaboration, integrity and honorable practice.

As we move forward, KCC will continue to focus on finding innovative, progressive ways to build and maintain our public infrastructure in order to support growth and contribute to national prosperity now and for future generations.

Our current success is owed to our visionary leadership and committed employees, shareholders and all stakeholders. I, therefore, would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who has been contributing to this level of success.

With my highest consideration, wish all members of great KCC’s family Healthy, Success and Happiness.

Our Vision

  • A One Key Solution to unlock problems with water sanitation and environment and to be recognized as the best and the most trusted with respected professional consulting service company in Cambodia and eventually in the region on engineering and technology innovation.

Our Mission

  • Through Leadership, Expertise, and Collaboration with our Clients, Partners and Staffs, we are dedicated to providing high quality consulting.
  • Deliver quality professional, reliable, efficient and excellent services.
  • We don’t want to be the biggest but we do want to be the best.

Our Value

  • Enduring business with trust, integrity, high quality service delivering for the Clients.
  • Employees are part of the family, so we provide a work environment that encourages.
  • Diversity with equal opportunities and the unique skills that all our team members bring.
  • A culture of success and pride that lead to professional development and accomplishments.
  • Self-improvement, Teamwork, and Innovation.
  • A supportive and rewarding work environment

Organization Chart

Organization Chart

Team Works

Teamwork, knowledge transfer, trust, and support for every team member are a matter of course in our company and form the basis for the best results of our consultancy service for our clients.